Jumat, 27 November 2015

#MustTry Vinnia Crosswords

Hello, everyone!

This time, I challenge all of you, my blog viewers, to answer Vinnia Crosswords below πŸ‘‡.
The luckiest three person who can answer this crosswords will get rewards from us!
This crosswords made by Rayssa Tsania and I for all of you. So, please try to answer this and we are apologize if there are some mistakes or maybe wrong spelling. Hope you enjoy this!

Vinnia Crosswords will make your day smarter πŸ’✨

- Syavina & Rayssa

Senin, 23 November 2015

My Daily Life πŸ’

Hi, pals!

You know what? Being a teenager isn't as cool as it seems. Especially, for freshman like me~

Every Monday to Friday, I have to go to school. I usually wake up at fajr, then do the pray. Before that, I often take a bath, because in my opinion, someone who pray must be clean from head to toe, from all dirty things. Then, I finish my preparation for that day (include finish my homework) and go downstairs, wear my shoes ... And I'm ready for school~

I hardly ever eat breakfast because I usually wake up late hehehe. I can go to school by public transportation, by motorcycle, also by car. Its depend on the time I wake up that day.

I arrive at school around 6 am, then do my job as class secretary to fullfil class journal. Then, if I have unfinished homework, I will finish it as soon as I can.

I easily understand the lessons, but my focus and my passion 80% depend on the teacher. Some of the teacher are making me lazy to listen to them and break my mood instantly. But! I never hate them, I respect teachers so much and in the end I will like all of them. I don't want to be their enemy.

Let's skip all about the school subjects. The most precious thing are friends! Most of my school life has fullfilled by dramas, stories, jokes, and love from my friends. The life I live isn't as easy as it seems, but that's alright.
So, back to topic. 
After school finish, I have to enter LM class, english for monday and geography  for thursday. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I have to go to TBI and take the lessons there, starts from 4 pm until 5.30 pm. On friday and saturday, I have to join extra lessons in Daniel Course court in Cimanuk street.

All of those activities always combine with all kinds of homework, last task, personal task, and also followed by all kinds of test, presentation, speaking test, reading, writting, and other. Yeah, it seems that I'm not fine at all. That's true but I try to enjoy every single activity I do. Even if it's not as easy as I says.

For several purposes, my freetime usually fills by Class Representative meeting, doing group task, response class, and more extra activities. On Saturday, I hace to wake up early, and go to school gymnasium to attend physical education lesson. So, you can conclude that I have a super busy life, right?

Yeah, this is my school life. Even though it seems 'hard' but when you enjoy, you will find a lot of happiness, countless happiness in every single steps you take.
Be happy with your life!
- Avi

Visit Indonesia : Malang, the City of Joy ~

Hello, pals!
This opportunity I would like to tell you, where you have to visit in Indonesia. This one isn't mainstream one, this wonderful place called ....
Malang City~ ( I thought you already knew it from the title)

Malang is a city that located in East Java, one of cities around Mount Bromo. This place is very clean, cozy, well-tidied, fresh (because it has more trees than other cities), and a perfect city for refreshing. Why you should visit Malang? Because in my point of view, this place can be visited by all generation. Why ? Let me explain :)

For children who like to play a lot, especially play with water, malang has some beaches for hang out place! There are many tourists who always visit Malang's beaches in holiday. The beaches are Ngliyep beach, Balekambang beach, and Sendang Biru beach.

For grandparents squad, if they wanted to rewind the history, there are also some temples in this city that save the historical value of the past Kingdom in Malang regency, they are; Singosari temple, Jago temple, Kidal temple, etc. Beside that, Malang still has a lot of tourism objects that will attract you to visit it. Coban Rondo waterfall, Wonosari tea plantation, Wendit pool, mount Kawi, mount Bromo panorama, Coban Pelangi waterfall, Karangkates recreation park, and the others, are Malang's Interesting Places that presents their nature scenery.

Also for teenagers, when they visited this city, they can visit Malang City's interesting places such as; City Hall, Monument Juang'45, Jatim Park, City Square, Senaputra Park, etc.

See.. :) 
Malang can be one of your destination list right?
And the most extraordinary experience you can get here, you can harvest your own apples by yourself, then you can eat them while you were harvesting! If you are interested, you can go to Batu District, there are sooo many apple fields!

Anyways, Malang city is bordered by Blitar and Kediri Regencies on the West; Jombang, Mojokerto and Pasuruan Regencies on the North; Probolinggo and Lumajang Regencies on the East and Indian Ocean on the South. You can go to this city by bus, train, or also airplane.

I think, that's all for this post. Keep reading my posts, guys!
See you

Class Representative #62

So, hi guys!
This time, I will explain my extracurricular.

Actually, it's not a kind of extra, but this is school organization. Class Representative or in Bahasa we call it Perwakilan Kelas is an organization that connect the students' aspiration with school. 

Several months ago, there was a selection for this organization, called Organization Skill Training. I joined that selection, and short story, my seniors in CR saw and realized my ability. They had choosen me to be part of themπŸ’œ

There are 4 divisions, which are Planning Organizer, Aspirator, Controller and Evaluator OSIS a.k.a CEO, and Daily Caretakers. Can you guess what division I'm in? 
Yeay, my division is Planning Organizer~
Alright, it has already a month since I was choosen to be part of them. There were many experiences I'd got. My knowledge and my social skill are getting better.

From #32018, there are 18 people that had choosen to be CR : Adhitya, Achmad, Fariz, Suy, Cut, Sistha, Galih, Farras, Adisya, Tiara P, Salwa, Iza, Pungki, Iona, Faza, Oi, Raka, and me! 
Here is the photo of us!

The most precious thing from CR is its kinship. They are more like family. 

Hm, if you want to know about my other extracurricular, keep and just wait for another post ~ 
- Avi

Senin, 12 Oktober 2015

Azmi Fauziyyah : A Silent-but-Extraordinary Friend

Hello, folks!
I want to introduce my new friend from English LM Monday Class, she is ......
Azmi Fauziyyah! Can you guess which one is she? Clue: She uses hijab, same with me! :)

She was born in Bandung, exactly on July, 30 2000. She lives in Teritorial street number 1, Ujungberung. She lives there with her family (of course). She has 2 sisters.Her first sister is Nurul Annisa Ramdhanis and the second sister is Nurul Hanifa Aprilia. Her hobbies are swimming, reading novels, and watching movies. In the future, she told me that se
want to become a business woman when she grow up.

She is kind, friendly and has good sense of humor. At first,  I thought that she is calm, cold, and sarcastic person. But, she isn't. She has a passion to discover something, same with me! We have a lot of similarities, actually. Another similarities, we both really want to be able to play all musical instrument well. And I really like her personality and I like to play with her. Anyway, she is leo and her blood type is O.

She likes to eat a lot. She likes all food as long as it's halal. She likes milo for her beverage. She usually meets me in school foodcourt. And in school, she likes some of school subjects, which are biology and history. Yeay, I like biology, too! But for me, history just hard as diamond :(

When she was little, she entered Al-Biruni Kindergarten and continued to Al-Biruni Elementary School. Then, she went to 5 Junior Highschool. And now, she is at same school with me. Yeay, we are #32018 ✨πŸ‘Œ 

Hmm... That's all for this post. Sorry for my words and maybe wrong spelling or grammatically wrong. Hope you enjoy my post. SEE YOU ~
- Avi

Culture Festival : GAMARVANI

Okay, in this opportunity I would like to do some 'flashback' about Bandung's popular event. YEP, that's right, it's about GAMARVANI! Check it out~

Few weeks ago, there was an amazing festival held by SMA Negeri 3  Bandung. We named it, Culture Festival : GAMARVANI. exactly on September, 19 2015. 

It started with a parade from students of elementary school and even until students of senior highschool! I also joined this parade because it's affected to our representation of sports lesson on that day. Yeah, at first, I felt so bored and I thought that would be a troublesome if I didn't join there. But when we started to move around Bandung City, my thought and my mood changed! That was not as bad as I'd have imagine before. I looked around and started to realize about my wonderful city in the morning view, .. And I liked it! All of my hardwork (for your information I woke up earlier to tidy up my traditional outfit - we called it "kebaya and sinjang" - for that day and I still thought that was such as troublesome) paid fully by those incredible feelings when I walked around with my friends, saw my beautiful city. πŸ’œ

After the parade, opening ceremony started. But, I felt so tired so I decided to go home. Fortunately, most of my friends had a plan to visit Rafi's house at that moment. Rafi's house located near my house so we went home together. We went there by public transportation. But our destination was different, so I stopped in the halfway to Rafi's house (because that was the nearest location to stop if you want to visit my house) then walked home. I took a rest for a while then.

Rrrrttt.... Drrtttt....
My phone rang loudly. I woke up then checked the time,... 12.59! Great, I had to enter my Chemistry and Physics lessons on half past one. So, I changed my clothes, packed my bag, used the hijab then walked out to find public transportation as fast as I could. I went to  Daniel Cimanuk to enter my lessons. I studied seriously then at 4 p.m. I went back to GAMARVANI~

As soon as I stepped in the gate (after checked by security) I met my friends! There were my old friends from elementary school, from my junior highschool and of course my friends from SMAN 3 Bandung. We took many pictures but unfortunately I can't show you because my old friends forgot to send me those pictures and I forgot to ask for it tho'. But don't worry be happy! There's a picture about my friends from senior highschool and I. Hope you can guess which one / where I am .xoxo

I spent that day by walking around to every corner, finding my friends then said 'Hi' or something like that, and I enjoyed the performances of course! There were many food counters that attracted me to taste their products but my lovely wallet said "You'd better let them go or you walk home by foot". So, I tasted only few of them. But that didn't affect my interest to GAMARVANI.

I stayed there all day, untill the sun slowly hid itself. In the evening, there was an amazing performance from our fantastic theatre, TILOE'S Theatre! They were the main performance, they showed us about Nyi Antek.

At the end of the event, there were HiVi! and Adera!! They were AMAZING! I loved them so much!! All of the time I spent to wait them there were totally paid by their performance.

There are some picture of me and my friends when Adera and HiVi! performed.

So I think that's all from me, thank you for reading! I apologize for my wrong-spelling or any other mistakes.

Minggu, 20 September 2015

Me, Myself, and I

Hi, fans!

My name is Avi. Actually, my fullname is Syavina Mi'raj Iskandar, but people around me usually call me Avi. I was born in Bandung, fifteen years ago, exactly on October, 25, 1999. I live in Bandung (of course!) near Taman Makam Pahlawan, in Cikutra Indah Residence A3, District Cibeunying Kaler. I live there with my familyπŸ‘ͺ

I was born in supercalifragilisticexpialidocious family! My father's name is C. Apiril Iskandar and my lovely mother's name is Dra. Hj. Ami Lasmiasih, both are government employees. I have a big-bro tho, his name is Sya'ban Iskandar, but I usually call him "Kang Aban". He is 7 years older than me, and now he is a college student in Islamic University of Bandung. People around us usually said that we are look alike. 

I think, enough about my family. Now, let's talk about me. Umm.. I was a super-introvert person years ago, but now I'm trying to be more open to others. Sometimes, I can be very moody but then I can be like 'i don't even care' immediately. Most of my friends say that I am a responsible person, friendly, easy going, cheerful, calm, hardworker, and smart tho'. I think that so, but I feel like sometimes I become such a lazy, stupid and even I feel like I was the most help-less person on the earth. BUT! I can control my emotion well, so I will become normal again immediately. I can be a perfectionist person, but sometimes I'm can't. 

Then, my life motto. My life motto is 
"Live a life, Eat a lot" . wait...
Just kidding πŸ˜‹. My life motto is to live a life as well as I can, be the best of the best, be such a diamond inside the ground that hard to find, but worthy. My dream is to become a person that can help a lot of people around the world. I want to become a doctor, because I think doctor can help people's help and nowadays people's health quality and life expectation are at decreasing rate. I don't want to lose a lot of good people that I love just because I can't protect and help then in their life problem. Yeah, so you can conclude that I want and I will try hard to be a successfull doctor.

Hmm.. Next is about what I like and what I dislike. I like many things! I like something new, I like challenge, I like to meet new friends, I like sweets, I like a boy within brain not boy without brain or we called then "Tukang Jual Pesona". I like to eat but I'm afraid to get fat. I like chemistry to the moon and back! I like math too, but actually it's depend on the teacher because when I studied a subject, my mood is depend on the class situation. Don't worry I can be a professional. I think I like all of the school subjects but chemistry is the one that I like the most. Okay, then I dislike a lazy person, those people who doesn't think before do something, a backstabber, a cat (actually they are cute but i feel little bit frightened with them somehow) and enough. I don't hate people because I have a thought that maybe one day I will need them to help me, so that's why I don't hate people. But, I really dislike a person who doesn't has any respect to others. I easily trust people, because everyone must have a secret skill so maybe I will need them so much.

I think, enough for this post. Hope you all enjoy my blog!